It’s science, but not rocket science

Rev up that rear!


Most likely you have been doing exercises and using machines that promise you the butt of your dreams.  Well, have they delivered yet?  Chances are you’re still wearing that sweatshirt around your waist to hide that hump of mass that’s gaining in popularity.  Well, you can throw that sweatshirt away because a great backside is just a few exercises away. 

Dedicating yourself to eating healthy and exercising consistently will always be a plus, but time is a huge factor for most of us.  When we exercise, we need to be as efficient as possible because we don’t have all day to workout!  And even if you did, choosing the correct stretches, exercises, and form will get you farther than those gruesome two-hour workouts at the gym.

The Main Muscles

First, let’s take a step back and learn a little about the body.  We have muscles that surround our hips: the hip flexors and glutes to name a few important ones.  The hip flexors start on the front, inner portion of the thigh, run vertically across the hips and attach to our lower back.  The glutes run across from the lowest part of our spine and the top of the pelvis, and attach to the highest part of our outer thigh.  Each muscle spoken of has a few tasks to do when we move.  In simple terms, the hip flexors flex the hips when we sit.  The glutes extend the hips when we stand from a seated position.  The glutes also help us move side to side.  These muscles perform opposite roles.  So, it’s important that each muscle is in the best position to work effectively. 

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